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Olvel said...
  • bored
I've pretty much run out of steam in X3.

It's a good game, and a lot of fun... But I have issues with single-player sandbox games. They're a lot of fun while you work your way through the major storylines... And they're a lot of fun while you struggle to establish yourself in the world... But once you get there, they quickly lose all meaning.

I've completed the HUB missions. I've got my own HQ. I've got a fleet of a few dozen ships, including some big capital ships. I've got dozens of factories scattered across the universe. I've got plenty of money. And I'm really not sure what to do with any of it.

I can go fight pirates, or Xenon, or Kha'ak... But, to what end? Just for the thrill of the kill? I've already killed hundreds...

I could turn pirate myself and go after the major empires - but, again, to what end?

There are still some storylines I could do... There's a fairly involved series of missions to get my hands on the old Xperimental Shuttle... But, why?

Frankly, I could accomplish all that and more with just a couple cheat commands. And since it's a single-player game, I don't really have a reason not to cheat.

So, I've kind of run out of steam. I haven't fired up X3 in several days. And now I'm looking for a new game to occupy my time...
X3: Terran Conflict

X3: Terran Conflict (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Space Combat Simulation
Release Date: 07/APR/09
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