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Olvel's gameplay for Dwarf Fortress (PC)

Olvel played Dwarf Fortress

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Olvel said...
  • frustrated
Dwarf Fortress continues to surprise and frustrate me.

Despite my best efforts, I really can't keep a fortress going for terribly long. Something always winds up going horribly awry. If it isn't some staple that I don't have, it's dwarves going mad... If the dwarves don't go mad, the siege kills everyone... If the siege doesn't do them in, I wind up flooding the fort...

Losing is fun... But it gets a little frustrating after a while. I'd really like to see things prosper for more than a season or two.

Of course, I didn't realize you could reclaim a lost fortress.

Generally speaking I've been trashing the world and all my saves after I lose a fortress, and starting over again from a clean slate. Turns out you can just reclaim your old fortress and start from where you left off.

I tried that last night and was quite happily surprised at the results. The furniture and whatnot I'd left behind was scattered across the map... I guess the animals got in and played... But pretty much everything was still there. And all my mining was still intact. So I was able to start out from a fairly good place.

Maybe I've been thinking about this the wrong way. Maybe I should be more willing to lose a fortress a couple times, in order to finally get it set up good for the dwarves that can eventually keep it up and running.

I also never really realized that Dwarf Fortress had oceans, complete with beaches and waves.

I saw the big patches of water on the world map... But never embarked to one, so had no idea what they were like.

Turns out they're pretty cool.

Lots of water, obviously. And it's salt water, which isn't as helpful as fresh water. But there's driftwood, and sand beaches, waves that roll in, and various aquatic creatures.

I embarked to a oceanfront area last night just to see what things were like... Didn't do much... Just abandoned the fortress after a few minutes... But I'm thinking I might need to really try setting up an oceanfront fort.
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