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Olvel's gameplay for Dwarf Fortress (PC)

Olvel played Dwarf Fortress

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Olvel said...
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I believe I may have finally built myself a stable Dwarf Fortress.

I've got a population of roughly 80 dwarves... I've got plenty of food and clean water... They all seem relatively healthy and happy... I've got a moat around my entrance, with a drawbridge, and none of the invading nasties can get in unless I let them...

The only thing I need to leave my fortress for is wood, and I've got a fairly large stockpile of that right now.

It seems strange not to have the place coming apart at the seams. I'm more used to my dwarves starving, or being eaten by fish, or getting slaughtered by goblins...

But, baring the occasional bout of insanity, I should be OK.

I'm taking the opportunity to attempt some new stuff. I've located a magma pocket that I want to tap... And I'm working on putting together a hydro-power plant.
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