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Olvel's gameplay for Aliens vs. Predator (PC)

Olvel played Aliens vs. Predator

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Olvel said...
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Tried out the multi-player in AvP again...

Between running the game in DirectX 9 and the new mouse, multi-player is definitely enjoyable. Much better than I was experiencing in the demo... Much better than when I was running it under DirectX 11...

I got into a small match, just two people besides myself. On a map I've never played before - I believe it was called "Jungle".

It was a standard deathmatch game. Both my opponents picked aliens. I didn't really have enough time to pick what I wanted, so I wound up as a predator.

I'm not liking the multi-player game setup much. You don't really seem to have much choice over what you wind up with, nor much time to make your choices. Seems like it finds you a few people and dumps you right into a game. Very little time to pick your species or skin. And I still haven't figured out how you choose a different map... There's a "veto this map" button, but I haven't seen it do anything helpful yet.

So... Jungle... Definitely a good map to play a predator on. Lots of trees to snipe from... Some ruins with big ol' pillars to snipe from as well... A plasmacaster located right near one of the re-spawn points... Relatively small map with a central arena-type location.

Since I was playing against two aliens I didn't bother with my cloak, nor did I have to keep switching visual modes. I just picked up a plasmacaster, switched to alien mode, and found a nice spot to hang out.

I had to remain relatively mobile, couldn't just sit and snipe for long or an alien would creep up behind me - no matter how much I tried to keep an eye on everything. Had to keep hopping around, moving from one tree to the next.

The plasmacaster was very useful against these aliens. A charged shot is pretty much a one-hit kill. Took them out a few times from range. Of course, charging it makes you very obvious and reduces your mobility... So I had to be careful about picking my targets and the time to charge. Waiting until the two of them were fighting each-other worked pretty well.

Generally speaking, if I got into melee with them, I was dead. Not just from stealth attacks, but simply because they seemed much more rugged in melee.

If I went in swinging they'd block a few hits and then rip me a new orifice.

If I attempted to block, they'd invariably duck behind me and execute a grab attack.

I never did manage to get a grab attack off on one of the aliens. Pretty much all my kills were from range.

Pretty much all my deaths were from grab attacks. They'd sneak up on me, and suddenly I'd find an alien's tail sticking out of my chest. Very hard to keep track of the two of them at all times.

Amusingly, several times I got to watch an alien stealth-kill me only to get himself stealth-killed before my body hit the floor. Very cool, really.

So, I didn't do that great... But I didn't do terrible either. Finished second. Which isn't that amazing out of three people, but at least it wasn't last.
Aliens vs. Predator

Aliens vs. Predator (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 16/FEB/10
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